Chronic Reality Show Photo.jpg

Chronic Reality

Curated by Julian Cobb

October 20 - November 11 2018

Chronic illness is a reality that countless people all over the world face, and with many of these illnesses also being invisible to the naked eye, people often suffer in silence without others ever knowing. Three friends and artists have come together and found strength and support in one another by sharing their stories, ensuring that they never feel alone in their daily struggles. Chronic Reality is an extension of their conversations, bringing light to issues not always considered by the masses, while letting fellow sufferers know they aren’t alone.

Chronic Reality is a part of the ongoing process of healing through advocacy, self-expression, and community; a reclamation of the self through art. By exposing their illnesses and experiences to the world, the three artists are inviting others to cast aside their fears and stigmas towards expressing themselves, and understand that everybody’s pains are valid.

Join us Saturday 20th from 1-3pm for an opening event with refreshments provided.