Growing Pains Studio

From March 27 to April 19 2019, Growing Pains took over the Burrinja Gallery.

We are in a time of change.

We are in a time of uncertainty.

We feel the tension in ourselves, between each other, of the world.

We have high expectations, both of ourselves and those around us.

We are let down by the world.

We make mistakes.

We push the boundaries.

We question the status quo.

We will not sit quietly.

Growing Pains explored the themes and ideas behind uncertainty and tension. As young artists in a society driven by the importance of success and validation it forces us to place importance on the future; what we will be doing, who we will be and how we will achieve these goals set out for us.  Feelings of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, ennui and tension are something that we need to physically, mentally and visually explore in order to understand ourselves, our practice and who we are as artists.  The reality is we aren’t really sure what the future holds for our art, we are still learning changing and evolving, and we really are just artists making art.
We pushed boundaries and expectations. We created a space where anything goes (literally, the gallery is being rebuilt!) and artists can experiment and explore. Working in an unconventional collective allowed us to change the ideology of the typical gallery space. Our intentions were to create a working, moving and provocative space where artists will be working in a blended environment of their own space and a collective work. The typical gallery space can easily become sterile and remove the process behind the work on display. We wanted to show everything about our practice; the mess, frustration, the feelings of exhilaration and creativity. The Growing Pains Studio was like a physical folio and diary of our art making.


Before moving into the studio space, we got the artists together to start brainstorming a collaborative artwork. Over a couple of hours they learnt about each other and came up with a more specific topic for the collaborative work, Pandora’s Box.

The notes made that day served as the starting point for the final work, and became a space where the artists could continue to add ideas, thoughts and images to further develop the concept.


Dandenong Ranges Open Studios 30 + 31 March 2019

At the beginning of the residency, the artists participated in the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios Weekend. Over the weekend there were roughly 400 visitors to the studio.
This was a new experience for the artists, as all were creating new work while people wandered through. Each artist made new connections and had interesting conversations with visitors, with a couple of artwork sales also going ahead.

For the remainder of the residency, the artists worked on the collaborative installation, figuring out placement within the space,

Based on the story of Pandora's Box, their collaborative installation is an immersive experience addressing conflicted emotions in the contemporary age. The horrors from Pandora's Box are metaphors for the contemporary age that going forward we need to learn how to address.

Throughout the residency Growing Pains provided the artists with a number of professional development opportunities.

The Artists