Growing Pains Studio

From March 27 to April 19 2019, Growing Pains is taking over the Burrinja Gallery.

Visit us 10am-4pm Tuesday to Sunday at-
351 Glenfern Rd
Upwey 3158

Growing Pains is exploring the themes and ideas behind uncertainty and tension. As young artists in a society driven by the importance of success and validation it forces us to place importance on the future; what we will be doing, who we will be and how we will achieve these goals set out for us.  Feelings of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, ennui and tension are something that we need to physically, mentally and visually explore in order to understand ourselves, our practice and who we are as artists.  The reality is we aren’t really sure what the future holds for our art, we are still learning changing and evolving, and we really are just artists making art.
We want to push boundaries and expectations. We want to create a space where anything goes (literally, the gallery we’re in is being rebuilt!) and artists can experiment and explore. Working in an unconventional collective allows us to change the ideology of the typical gallery space. Our intentions are to create a working, moving and provocative space where artists will be working in a blended environment of their own space and a collective work. The typical gallery space can easily become sterile and remove the process behind the work on display. We want to show everything about our practice; the mess, frustration, the feelings of exhilaration and creativity. The Growing Pains Studio will be like a physical folio and diary of our art making.


Dates with lots going on-

  • Saturday 13 April 4pm-8pm closing celebration with artist talks thoughout the event. For more information go HERE.

The Artists