Thanks for 2018!

Growing Pains is so grateful for all the support they’ve had throughout 2018. Without the many artists, family, friends, local businesses and members of the community that attended events and exhibitions throughout the year, Growing Pains wouldn’t have been able to put on so many incredible exhibitions.


Growing Pains in 2019

In 2019, Growing Pains will no longer be located on Level 1 at Burrinja as there will be a number of building works happening throughout the centre. However, we will be running a number of events across the year for artists 30 and under, so keep an eye out!

Image by Brendan Hartnett

Image by Brendan Hartnett

Growing Pains Studio

Stay tuned for images and video from our recent Residency project!

We're like the best bag of mixed lollies you got from the corner store when you were a kid. Growing Pains is a sick creative network, offering exhibitions, workshops and events to help young artists get their shit out there and learn how to be freak'n amazing.

What we Offer

ART Stuff

  • Solo exhibitions

  • Group exhibitions

  • Curated exhibitions


Learning STUFF

  • Workshops

  • Speakers + Panels

  • Awesome events

Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to know more!