Break the Rules - GROUP SHOW
March 3 - March 25

Art has rules? Well no one told these artists. They're pushing the boundaries, doing the unexpected and taking us to new places. Does it confuse you? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Good. We want to challenge your expectations, get you thinking and maybe even start some conversations.

solo exhibition available
April 7 - April 29

Been wanting to have an exhibition that's all you? Well now's your chance! Hit the apply button for more info on what to send us!

Lit - Group Show
July 28 - August 19

Light, or the lack of light, impacts on everything we do. It can affect our mood, our perception of space, and can instantly change how we see the world. The artists in "Lit" explore the element of light in a range of mediums.

Under the Influence
August 25 - September 16

We're all inspired by something or someone, with influences on our art coming from a wide range of sources. While some draw from multiple sources to inform their work, the artists in "Under the Influence" have strong influences that are clear to see.

Let's Talk About Text
September 22 - October 14

Bring your reading glasses because "Let's Talk About Text" might have you feeling like you're reading a novel. By the end though all these artists will have you thinking differently about text, type, and words.