Creative people put a lot of themselves into their work, be it visually, emotionally and physically. "Disposition" invites you to step into the minds of artists and see what makes them who they are and how they tick.
The artists in the exhibition reveal their process, energy, skin and emotions in a way that is fresh and raw.

Reverie - EMMA Koumourou

Emma exhibited with Growing Pains for the 2017 Open Studios weekend and we're so thrilled and excited to present her solo show 'Reverie' in September. Working in a range of mixed mediums (fine-liner, watercolour and photography), Emma's work is beautiful, delicate and evokes a strong sense of narrative and imagination.  


Reuse, recycle, cut and paste. We're celebrating the wonderful world of collage, wether it be digital or traditional.. abstract of type based. Paste will showcase works that get you thinking outside the box and ripped off the page.